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With Mr & Mrs Goodman, Collectors from Manchester, England - Demo at Adam Scott Gallery, Key West - With Collectors Mr & Mrs Naune, Nauhein, Germany

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  • 2019

    December 5-8, Art Basel Miami – Red Dot/Spectrum - Miami

    November, Crisolart Gallery Exhibit - Barcelona

    October 28-November 23, Oceania’s Artist in Residence - Venice-Rome-Monte Carlo-Barcelona

    June 4-July 26, Oceania’s Artist in Residence - Rome-Athens

    May 13-June 4, Oceania’s Insignia Artist in Residence - Dubai-Rome

    April, Crisolart Gallery Exhibit - Barcelona

    April 2-April 20, Oceania’s Artist in Residence - Miami-Barcelona

    March 26-April 2, Oceania’s Artist in Residence (Havana) - Miami-Miami

    February 5-March 6, Oceania’s Artist in Residence - Miami-Havana


    November 16-December 14, Oceania’s Artist in Residence - Barcelona-Lisbon-Rio - Oceania’s Marina

    October 24-26, Miami SAVE Dade & Orlando Zebra Coalition Exhibit - Miami

    September 15-October 9, Oceania’s Artist in Residence - Copenhagen-Amsterdam-Lisbon - Oceania’s Marina

    June 15-July 1, Oceania’s Artist in Residence - Los Angeles-Miami - Oceania’s Insignia

    April 21-May 10, Oceania’s Artist in Residence - Barcelona - Oceania’s Riviera

    March 18-April 11, Oceania’s Artist in Residence - Miami-Barcelona - Oceania’s Riviera

    January 3-January 13, Oceania’s Artist in Residence - Miami - Oceania’s Riviera


    Oceania’s Artist in Residence - Rome-Barcelona-Miami - Oceania’s Marina

    Exhibit at Crisolart Gallery - Barcelona

    Oceania’s Artist in Residence - Venice-Athens-Montecarlo-Barcelona - Oceania’s Riviera

    Oceania’s Artist in Residence - Rome-Montecarlo-Barcelona - Oceania’s Riviera

    ”Featured Presenting Artist for Miami’s ARTundressed 2017” ~ Exhibit at ARTHouse, Wynwood

    Oceania’s Artist in Residence - Miami-Puerto Rico-Miami–Caribbean - Oceania’s Riviera ~ Miami-Barcelona Mediterranean - Oceania’s Riviera

    ”Miami’s Art Basel” with DK Art Publishing ~ Art Palm Spring with DK Art Publishing


    ”Lempicka to Noel” Miami Art Basel Exhibit with DK Art Publishing- ~ Art Palm Spring ~ Art Southampton ~ Oceania’s Artist in Residence - Miami–Barcelona Oceania’s Riviera ~ Baltic Exhibits London–Stockholm Oceania’s Marina


    Oceania’s Artist in Residence NYC-Canada-Ireland-London - Oceania’s Marina ~ Mediterranean Rome-Venice-Istanbul - Oceania’s Riviera ~ Art San Diego with DK Art Publishing ~ Miami’s Art Basel 2015


    Oceania’s Artist in Residence Central America Exhibit – Oceania’s Riviera ~ Eastern Caribbean Exhibit – Oceania’s Riviera ~ VIP Exhibit NYC to London – Oceania’s Marina ~ Exhibit Rome to Lisbon – Oceania’s Marina ~ Exhibit Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro – Oceania’s Marina.


    Oceania’s Artist in Residence - VIP Exhibits trough the Baltic Countries – Oceania’s Marina ~ VIP Exhibit San Juan Puerto Rico and Caribbean – Jewel of the Seas ~ Galeria Exodo – Old San Juan, Puerto Rico


    Art Basel Miami Private Group Exhibit – Downtown Miami and Wynwood ~ Art Takes Times Square on NYC Times Square Billboards ~ Selected to create the painting/image for the Official Campaign of CNN en Español Premiere


    “La Collaborazione” - Collaboration with Mr. Uberto Gucci and the Gucci Family - Miami Beach Botanical Garden Gallery and The Raleigh Hotel ~ Galleria Exodo – Old San Juan, Puerto Rico ~ Art Basel - Nicolla W Gallery – Midtown Miami


    Colombostile Gallery “Complex-Simplicity” Exhibit, Miami, FL ~ Emerald Princess Western Caribbean Solo Exhibit ~ Exodo Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico ~ Celebrity Equinox Mediterranean VIP Solo Exhibit ~ Pacific Princess Mediterranean Solo Connoisseur Exhibit ~ Galleria Exodo – Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Art Basel Miami 2010 Nicole Miller Miami Beach Exhibit for Make A Wish Foundation with Romero Britto and Purvis Young – Miami Beach ~ Underground Art Fair - Two Mundos – Midtown Miami ~ Deco One Gallery – Design District, Miami ~ Galleria Exodo – Old San Juan, Puerto Rico


    South Shore Hotel Miami Beach Solo Exhibit with the City of Miami Beach ~ Crown Princess Connoisseur Portugal and Mediterranean Solo Exhibit ~The Louvre's Carrousel International Exhibit with Crisolart Gallery, Barcelona ~ Nu Art Gallery Exhibit, Orlando, FL ~ Gallery 778, San Juan, Puerto Rico ~ Galleria Exodo – Old San Juan, Puerto Rico


    Isleworth Countryclub Gallery, Orlando, FL ~ Emerald Princess Connoisseur Cruise Mediterranean Exhibit ~ New York City Art Expo with Crisolart Gallery, Barcelona and Museum of the Americas ~ Don O'Melveny Gallery, Los Angeles, CA and Auction at HRC L.A Dinner Gala ~ Coral Princess Cruise to Central America/Panama Canal Exhibit ~ Unveiling of Noel’s painting for the Opening Event of “Romance in a Can” Film Festival at Karu & Y Organized by Red Chemistry, MTV and the French Consulate


    Queen Mary 2, VIP Connoisseur NYC to London - Caribbean Princess, Caribbean Islands ~ 1dd Gallery, Miami, FL ~ Isleworth Countryclub Gallery, Orlando, FL ~ Diamond Princess, Mexican Riviera ~ Art Basel 2007, Miami, FL


    Grand Princess Mediterranean Connoisseur VIP Exhibit


    Art Expo NYC, NY, NY ~ Passions Gallery, Provincetown, MA ~ Liquid Blue Gallery, Miami, FL


    Museum of the Americas, Miami, FL ~ Art Miami, Miami Beach, FL


    Passions Gallery, Provincetown, MA ~ Bal Harbour Gallery, Miami Beach, FL


    Bal Harbour Gallery, Miami Beach, FL ~ Passions Gallery, Provincetown, MA


    Passions Gallery, Provincetown, MA ~ Starfish, Miami Beach, FL


    Passions Gallery, Provincetown, MA


    Passions Gallery, Provincetown, MA ~ Gallery 1037 Art Center South Florida, Miami Beach, FL


    Kischener Haack Fine Art, Miami Beach, FL


    Van Dyke Gallery, Miami Beach, FL ~ Adobe Gallery, Edgewater, NJ


    Española Way Art Center Gallery, Miami Beach, FL ~ PM Studio Gallery, Miami Beach, FL


    Studio D’Noel Gallery, Miami Beach, FL


    D’Noel Gallery, Boston, MA ~ Club Cafe Gallery, Boston, MA ~ Cyclorama Boston Center for the Fine Arts, Boston, MA ~ Federal Reserve Building Gallery, Boston, MA ~ 1986 Ricky’s Republic Gallery, Provincetown, MA

  • 2009-2012

    Art Basel Miami, FL- Star Princess, Mexican Riviera ~ Galleria Exodo – Old San Juan, Puerto Rico


    Art Basel 2008, Miami, FL ~ Galleria Exodo – Old San Juan, Puerto Rico


    Art Basel 2007, Miami, FL ~ Star Princess, Caribbean Islands ~ Galleria Exodo – Old San Juan, Puerto Rico


    Grand Princess, Mediterranean Cities


    Collaboration with Romero Britto/Britto Central Gallery, Miami Beach, FL ~ Diego Victoria Fine Arts, North Miami, Fl


    Art Basel 2004, Miami, FL


    Art Miami w/Bal Harbour Gallery, Miami Beach, FL


    Bal Harbour Gallery, Miami Beach, FL ~ Passions Gallery, Provincetown, MA


    Hollywood Art and Cultural Center, Hollywood, FL


    Leslie-Lohman Art Foundation, Soho, NYC


    Mayfair Fine Art, Miami Beach, FL, Absolut Pink Umbrellas Exhibit


    Kischener Haack Fine Art, Miami Beach, FL


    Van Dyke Gallery, Miami Beach, FL


    City Hall Gallery, Boston, MA ~ Cyclorama Center for the Arts, Boston, MA

  • 2006-2015

    Eighteen Commissions for Private Collections ~ Commissions for City Hall Restaurant, Miami


    Selected by CareResorce to create the image for Miami’s White Party 20th Anniversary


    Nine Commissions for Private Collections


    Commissioned by University of Miami to design Sets and Costumes for Prima Ballerina Rosario (Charin) Suarez’ Ballet Premier of Cecilia Valdez for - University of Miami Festival 2002


    Five Flamingoes for the City Miami Beach Art in Public Places Installation ~ Miami’s AIDS Panel for The National AIDS Quilt Display ~ Murals for Restaurant at Paradise Point, San Diego Commissioned by Noble House Resorts


    Miami’s AIDS Walk Poster 2000 for Community AIDS Resource Inc. Miami, FL ~ Commemorative Poster for First Night Miami Beach 2000, Millennium Celebration ~ Fountain Design and Paintings for the Lobby and Suites for Grove Isle Hotel, Commissioned by Noble House Resorts


    “Sueño Blanco” White Party Painting for Community AIDS Resource Inc. Miami, FL ~ Beauty & Beyond’98 Image for Beauty Cares for the AIDS Relief Fund, NewYork, NY


    Headdress Ball IX Image for Hope and Help Center of Center Florida Inc. Orlando, FL ~ Painted Jacket for the Absolut/DIFFA Dallas Collection, Dallas, TX ~ Five Commissions for Private Collections


    Absolut Pink Umbrellas for DIFFA, New York ~ Miami


    Cover of the novel of Argentine author Alicia Borinsny “Sueños del Seductor Abandonado” published by Ediciones Corregidor, Buenos Aires, Argentina ~ “IL Bucatto” Mural for Follia Restaurant, Miami Beach, FL Commissioned by Seckinger & Myers Inc. Miami Beach, FL ~ “Within Herself” (mural) and “Eve” (painting) for Nemo Restaurant, Miami Beach, FL, Commissioned by Studiolido Inc. Miami Beach, FL


    Cover for the novel of Argentine author Alicia Borinsny “Mean Women” Published by University of Nebraska Press ~ Four Commissions for Private Collections


    Two murals for the Ritz Plaza Hotel, Miami Beach, FL ~ Two Commissions for Private Collections


    Models for Homeless painting commissioned by Absolut Vodka, Boston, MA ~ Portrait of Eartha Kitt, commissioned by Club Cafe Gallery, Boston, MA ~ Twelve paintings for Franco’s by the Sea Restaurant, Provincetown, MA, Commissioned by Owner/Executive Chef Franco Palombo

  • 2010-2011

    100 Artists of the Male Figure by Eric Gibbons - Published by Firehouse Publishing. “The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today” – Published by ES Publishing


    100 Contemporary Artist of the World – Published by the Library of Artists, Barcelona, Spain


    Artists Advocate Magazine


    Art in America Magazines – Newspapers - TV


    New York Times ~ Boston Herald ~ Boston South End Magazine ~ Boston Ledger ~ Art in America ~ WIRE Magazine ~ Ocean Drive Magazine ~ Lincoln Road Magazine ~ Miami Herald ~ El Nuevo Herald ~ MIAMIARTzine ~ The Sun Sentinel ~ Orlando Sentinel ~ CNN en Espanol ~ Telemundo ~ Univision ~ Mega TV ~ FOX TV Chanel 7 ~ MODE Lifestyle TV – PBS Chanel 2

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